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April 22 Update from Msgr. Matthew

The drilling of FOUR NEW WELLS: three in Pader District and one in Gulu District have recently been completed. The beneficiaries of these wells are grateful to the donors and promise their prayers.

August 2009 Video Update

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Water is Life

Over the last few months/years some of you made donations towards the drilling of some wells to provide clean, fresh drinking water for our people. I am happy to inform you that the work of drilling 16 wells has begun and the driller hopes to have the work completed within a month. These 16 wells will be in addition to another 12 wells we have drilled in recent years.

Well pipe going into ground Well pipe going into ground

The wells are spread out in the following parishes within our Archdiocese: Anaka, Amuru, Awach and Pabbo in Gulu and Amuru Districts; Atanga, Pajule, Pader, Padibe/Lokung, Palabek/Gem, Madi Opei/Agoro and Christ the King/Wau chapel in Kitgum and Pader Districts. We worked through the offices of the Deans in the Archdiocese to identify those areas, which are in most need for a well. The beneficiaries of these wells send you their sincere appreciation for giving them clean water. The cost of drilling one well has recently increased to $7,000. May God bless you for making a difference in the lives of people who thirst for clean water. Remember the words of Jesus: “I was thirsty and you gave me Water.”

A typical well A typical well