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Funds are collected on behalf of Sacred Heart Seminary by Adunu Maleng Pa Yesu Society, Inc., a Minnesota non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible. Tax ID # is 41-1732849.

97.5% of all funds donated go directly to the people of Northern Uganda.

Deciding What to Give

The assets you use to fund your gifts can have significant impact on the amount you decide to give. Charitable gifts are most often made in the form of cash, checks and electronic transfers. Cash Donations may be used to offset federal income tax liabilities. There may be additional State tax savings as well.

Cash and Check donations are 100% direct to our organization. With Credit Card donations, a small percentage is deducted for third party processing fees.


Checks payable to Sacred Heart Seminary can be mailed to:
Adunu Maleng Pa Yesu Society, Inc.
dba Sacred Heart Seminary
c/o Bobbi Vaughan
PO Box 1863
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Credit Cards

We use PayPal to securely process all credit card transactions. No PayPal account is required.

Other Ways to Make Gifts

In today's world, gifts can be made in many different forms. Consult your tax advisor to assist with the best method for you based on your own individual tax bracket and situation.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Gifts of Appreciated Stock made to charities, including our organization, avoid capital gains tax altogether. You can deduct the market value of the securities, as a contribution, and pay no capital gains tax. Toqualify, the stock must be held for more than a year. It is important for you to donate the stock--don't sell it first! Please contact your tax adviser for guidance, and then call us at (952)470-1700 and ask for John.

Retirement Plan Gifts

Gifts made from Retirement Accounts can be made without taxable liability to you or your heirs in an inheritance situation. If you are over 70½, special provisions make it possible to make tax-free gifts up to $100,000 directly from an IRA. This provision is scheduled to expire at the end of 2013. Contact your tax adviser for individual guidance.

Living Will or Trust Gifts

Recent changes in estate tax law have made it easier to grant charitable gifts both now and later through your will, Life Insurance Policy or other future estate plans.